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What's the weather like where you are?


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Check this out!

These pictures of the snow to the north and to the south of me are amazing!

Hailey and McCall Idaho. Hailey is near Ketchum--aka Sun Valley. McCall is where a ski resort is and where Dave and I are supposed to be going on Saturday for my birthday. :o

Hailey and McCall snow pictures slideshow


Classes were canceled tonight. I was bummed--it was my linguistics class. :'( I did go and talk to the professor anyway.

I shoveled about five inches of snow off my driveway (I didn't get a chance to before I went to school this morning), and by the time I was done, there was about 1/4 on the driveway all over again!

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^ very cool Mandy !!

I'm glad you post graphics...I like to too ! :D

Here's Alta, Utah's daily snowfall tracker for this month....they've had about 20" yesterday and today that AREN'T listed...check THIS out !! nearly 200 inched for January ! they've had snow 25 out of 31 days this month !!! Nowhere is like it !


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Sunny and warm at the moment.

We had a very mild summer with lots of rain and storms.

My house and car got hammered by hailstones just before Christmas.

It was literally raining hockey pucks!


Have you had unusual weather patterns or other phenomena recently?

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Well, for the last couple of weeks it's been downright hot - about 80 degrees. Today, however, a big storm came in, and it hailed today! Nothing so impressive as Reggie's hockey pucks there, but it is extremely unusual for it to hail here - especially in March! So weird...It went from like 70 degrees to really friggin' cold in about two days.

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38C (I think that's about 100F). Apparently it's the longest heat wave since 1934 or something crazy like that. Today was cooler than the weekend but it's still impossible to be outside.

I was in Adelaide once when it was around 43C for days and you are right, it's impossible to go outside. I was basically stuck there for 4 days in a cheap hotel with no air conditioning. I don't know how you folks take it. Well, even the local folks in Adelaide were hating it.

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Honestly, it's ok most of the time, but you know what it's like when there are just those weeks where it is intolerable, even in Summer.

Oh boy, yes. I would have gone to the beach...................but everyone had that idea LOL.

What can I say?... Adelaide's got balls


:D :D

You can say that again.

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It's weird today.

Woke up to COLD dark black clouds. Then the sun came out for a bit. Now it is going back and forth between sunny and dark. :(

48 degrees. Next week it is going to get warmer. :cheer:

We have 5 days to show two friends from NC our city and state, next week.

They will be blown away by our mountains, since they've never been out west!

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