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What's the weather like where you are?

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Good news: We had about three more inches of snow again last night!


Bad news: It was my turn to shovel both my sidewalk and the neighbor's. It took me about 40 minutes.

Good news again: I'm all sweaty--so now I don't need to go downstairs and use the elliptical! Plus--I had my MP3 player on, listening to Zep while I shoveled. :D

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It's been snowing all day. It snowed for a while yesterday. It's supposed to snow for the next four days. This never happens here; I'm confused. I'm also headed back to school next week. I don't want to drive all the way back in this stuff.

I really need to get rich and famous so I can afford a chauffeur... or just drop out of school and live in my parents' basement.

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^we have a TON of snow here! I've shoveled twice today! :lol:

I think we have a good six inches in my front yard--but my front yard doesn't get too much sun, so it doesn't melt off. Elsewhere in town, there's about three inches.

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It's actually been relatively pleasant here.. daytime highs in the mid-40's for the past couple of days, and lots of sunshine. I'm glad, I really needed a break from the clouds and the cold.

Hey, at this time of year, as long as it's above absolute zero, I'm happy! :lol:

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compared to all the snow mentioned i shouldn't complain but for CA it's been colder, gloomy, windy and wet for about a week now.

then like others have said the usual places for the cold and snow have been mild....i guess it's our turn for the cold here.

upside, once it calms down the ski areas will be fabulous for months.

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