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Movies You Love but Think Not Many Others Have Seen


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Harry and Tonto
Buffalo '66
Mikey and Nicky
A Taste of Cherry
Johnny Got His Gun
What Happened Was...
The Incident
Never On Sunday
Loneliness of a Long-Distance Runner
Shadows In Paradise
Ladybug, Ladybug
La Tera Trema
Fists In Pocket
David and Lisa
Il Sorpasso
Two Is A Happy Number
Il Tetto
The Blue Hotel
Zandy's Bride
Little Fugitive
Lies My Father Told Me
The Working-Class Goes To Heaven
Joe (1970)
Come Back, Little Sheba
Home of the Brave

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"You ever been hungry Lady ?  Not just ready for dinner hungry....but so hungry your belly stands out ?"

"Hey Hombre !  You gave me quite a stomach ache.  I haven't had a stomach ache like this since I was a little boy !"

"Hey I got a question for you.....How're you gonna get back down that hill ?" 


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On 8/3/2019 at 5:07 AM, PeaceFrogYum said:


Poor Mort puts together such an eclectic list and your answer is Vision Quest. Absolutely priceless B)

You Sir made my day

Ha, it is though set in Spokane, famed for being the town that gave us the first LZ audience bootleg recording.. 

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2 hours ago, John M said:

Seven Days in May

The Man with the Golden Arm

Aguirre, the Wrath of God


The Man Who Fell to Earth

I've seen all of them, and liked the first two especially.... You might like "Advise and Consent" - a little similar to "Seven Days in May", but its been a while since I've seen either one of them.

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Fantastic Planet. Saw it as a very young kid one Sunday arvo on the tele. Couldn't believe it. Thought it was brilliant. I think it's French, its animated, and I'd seen nothing even remotely like it. I really need to find a copy and see if it still holds my interest....

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