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17 hours ago, The Pagemeister said:


Sounds suspiciously not like Bonzo, especially the drum sound. Also the way the hihat splashes and the groove is played doesn't really sound like him. Maybe it's him and he was going for a very straight forward type beat and playing someone else's drums/ studio kit. Not convinced, and there is very little info about this session that I can find. 

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8 hours ago, bluecongo said:

Hope you enjoy my laid back instrumental version of All my Love 

Really enjoyed that, a very nice interpretation. Hearing this brings out a lot of the subtle counter lines, harmonies and lyricism in this great song. This is a great example of how much substance is inherent in Zep's music. This song get a bad rap as being too "pop" or soft but the writing is excellent. Bravo. 

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Since Jimmy wrote a lot of Zep stuff on accoustic to begin with, surely he could do something like what you have done bluecongo and breath new life into some of the catalogue? You did that so well - beautiful. Well done.

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