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Favorite/Best version of Since I've Been Loving You

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The official releases were far from the best versions of the song. Of the official releases I would take HTWWW. But that's the best performance of those officially released.

SIBLY to me is a barometer of Zeppelin's best concerts. If Zeppelin were at their best this song was at it's best. They didn't play it every show of course especially the later years. I think they took it out in some 77 shows and most of 75. But there's still some real solid versions throughout even those years. Here's some of my favorites and if you notice they are also some of the most known Zeppelin shows

08-15-70 Yale

09-02-70 Oakland

09-04-70 The Forum

09-14-71 Berkley

09-23-71 Tokyo

09-29-71 Osaka

02-29-72 Brisbane

06-19-72 Seattle

10-02-72 Tokyo

01-22-73 Southampton

03-16-73 Vienna

05-13-73 Mobile

07-06-73 Chicago

02-14-75 New York

03-27-75 The Forum

06-21-77 The Forum

06-23-77 The Forum

There's a few after this time that are okay but that's a good enough list.

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Surprised that the 1970-03-21 Vancouver version hasn't been mentioned yet. The combination of Robert's Amazing Vocals (The heights he reaches here rival that of 1969-04-27), the early lyrics ("I Said You're gonna be at my side, baby, Till the day I die." --> Fuckin' Shivers!) and Jone's charismatic organ work (he somehow manages to outshine Page's guitar solo) definitely make it a worthy candidate for one of the best. I know some may say I'm biased to like this one better because it was recorded in my hometown (I also firmly believe that the best version ever of "We're Gonna Groove" came from the 1970-03-21 soundboard tape too) but I can't think of another version that made me feel as emotional and inspired at the vancouver version of this song. In my opinion, it encompasses the pinnacle of Zeppelin's abilities, especially during what many fans consider to be their very-best year. 

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2/14/75 surprises me how good it is every time, I honestly think 3/21's version won't be as good, soundboard vs soundboard

Lots of '77 versions are good of this song, my favorites are the landover versions or the LA runs SIBLYS.

They pulled off great SIBLYs at all 4 1979 gigs. Must haves.

edit: my favorite SIBLY is probably the 5/30/77 version, switching to the 5/22/77 version at the beginning of Jimmy's solo. Just not to be technical.

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On ‎2‎/‎8‎/‎2010 at 6:37 AM, johnlennon696 said:

Even though it is edited :angry: , the TSRTS version is still my fave i think, but the LA Forum 21st/23rd 1977 versions are also brilliant imo B)

The 77 versions are EPIC.  Also love the 4/28/77 version.  Obviously Jimmy isn't 72/73 Jimmy... but the 77 versions are EPIC, GRAND performances. The 2nd night in Cleveland is spectacular (Bonzo is REALLY, REALLY good).

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That is a really hard choice because for me there are two completely different versions of this song. The version where Jones plays Hammond and the version where he plays grand piano and the two sound, and are approached very differently by the band. Some of Jones piano work in those latter versions is brilliant and he works as a co-soloist against Page. However the versions on Hammond are typically more haunting.

Tough call...too tough.

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