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Ask Jimmy Page One (1) Question...


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No I wouldn't. What kind of person accosts a celebrity for their phone number? Isn't that kind of creepy to you?

You are gonna tell me and everyone else on this forum that you would not like to meet Jimmy Page? You just said, "No I wouldn't" If what you say is true, I would say that you are in the very small minority of people who would not Love to meet a True and Mighty Living Legend. Mr. James Patrick Page.

If you read my first post, I said that this is mostly "hypothetical". Where in any of my posts or the other peoples replies do you get that any of Us would "accost" (as in confront boldy) Jimmy Page about asking him one question even if that question was asking him for his phone number (which we all know he would not divulge). Hypothetical, remember?

If I ever was in the "Presence" of Jimmy Page I would never "accost" him as you seem to believe, however, I know that I would be in complete "awe" and "admiration". Two very different reactions.

For the record, I do not consider Jimmy Page a celebrity. I consider him (again) a Living Legend. A True Living Legend.

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You are gonna tell me and everyone else on this forum that you would not like to meet Jimmy Page? You just said, "No I wouldn't"

I said no I wouldn't to "get his personal cell phone or private phone number and call him up anytime just to talk and chat about whatever comes up." I didn't think that was hard to understand.

No, I wouldn't want to get his phone number. I don't know him. He's a musician whose work I admire, not a close friend or relative. If I ever had the opportunity to meet him, the last thing I would ever ask him is for his phone number. I'd probably ask for an autograph or a picture or something else innocuous.

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Jimmy has answered this before and more or less said it was after breaking The Beatles attendance record at this show:


Thanks Steve. But I was thinking more in terms of quality of material and live performances. I suspect he would have thought he was in the greatest band long before 73.

I've thought of another question: 'Hey Jimmy, could you burn me a copy of Dundee-ism, please? I can't find the bugger anywhere.'

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I have a few questions i may ask.

# 1 Do you actually listen to Led Zeppelin songs anymore or are you sick of hearing them.

# 2 Where and how did you learn to mix music.

# 3 Whats your favorite decade for music

# 4 What do you enjoy more...performing or creating and recording in the studio

# 5 How many led zeppelin songs never made it to record and are there any old songs (never heard yet) that could be released in the future.

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of course this is tough... so many routes to go in this very hypothetical world... but if this were to be, say an interview situation, i would ask him why he always seems so relieved to not "have to" sing. the way he talks about it, it sounds partly out of modesty, but partly out of relief, partly maybe out of disdain. i've always wondered if, when he has been the lead writer on a piece, if he has been surprised at the lyrical direction it ended up taking or if he's even changed the lyrical direction of a song if seemed too incongruous with what he had in mind. or if there were examples where the lyrics were really just perfect.

there are a host of personal questions i wouldn't ever ask :unsure: and a bunch of personal things i would want to tell him about how wonderful of an effect his music has had on me, and relatedly a bunch of questions i'm sure he wouldn't answer or requests he wouldn't comply with :angel:... but with that all off the tablet, that's the best i can think of right now!

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