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Hot Pics of Robert


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Wow, these pics are wonderful, thanks to you all for posting them.

I've never seen this pic before and I have to ask........what is that image in the background? :o

It looks to be a mirror reflecting something, I'm not even going to suggest what it resembles!

It did cross my mind to draw a "thought bubble" around it, beside Robert's head. :ph34r:

You're welcome!

I can't get what it is in the background either. Who cares? ^_^ Robert is stunning here..as usual...

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heh i was on my way out but noticed chell's pics.

nice recent(?) pic....if only i could wish that Mr. Plant's stylist could darken his eyebrows a little (not too much) as it will sure bring out his beautiful eyes and make him look even younger than he does already.

thanks chell.

:) Your welcome. I believe if I remember correctly the photo is from '05. I can't remember the site I found it on. Was just lurking through MSN in search of new pics :)

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