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Inga, brownies are a really dense chocolate cake-type dessert.

They're a lot like cake, but they're usually eaten without a fork and while some of them have frosting, most aren't frosted.

I LOVE brownies.

Brownies are also a type of girl scout, LOL. Different kind though. :D

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Thanks. I'm sure the apron is not a licensed product, but I can't find an apron on .com's website that's licensed...(hint, hint, Zeppelin's merchandisers...seems that it would be a great hit....)

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*Long, drawn out gasp*


I remember that brownie thread on the old forum...the one poll that asked if brownies were cake or cookie. Brownies are neither: they are brownies, and they deserve their own category. :D

Here's a picture, Inga. They are DELICIOUS, trust me. Especially for a chocolate lover like you. :P


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I'd send you some, but I think they'd be really gross and hard by the time they got to you. LOL

BTW, thanks about the avatar. My boyfriend things I'm "sneering" in the picture.

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I've never had pot brownies... but a friend of mine once made brownies with crushed Ecstacy(sp?)... now that was an experience. :D

I do want to try pot brownies, though...

Haha must have been cool

I want to try pot brownies too :lol:

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