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Post A Picture Of Yourself!

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Pics of my quartet:

Playing at the Kansas City Plaza Art Fair (I'm on the far left in all of them):

I play the viola, zoso13zeppelin!

I gave it up when I was 20, and my little sister used it when she was taking orchestra. I just got it back, and I'm stoked!! :cheer:

Now I need to find someone to give me some lessons for a refresher. <_<

and mannnn.....I sure need to practice. :lol:

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Would do but unfortunately it's not very well focused.

This is about as big as it gets and still looks ok.

I've got loads, taken on the same day at the Angel. Lots of close ups and stuff with my girl climbing all over the feet. But I'm not posting her on here.

Thanks for the comp, glad you liked it.

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Thanks B!!! I'm glad to be KMS again!!!!! :D

and Thanks Noora!!! B) The shirt was a gift from a friend!! and I cherish it!!!!!!!!

If you want to see me go to myspace/Lizalll.com

I have a full body shot and one of just my face.

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I pay waayyy too much attention to all you people on here! :lol:

I knew exactly how many pets you have! :blink:

Wow! I stayed gone too long!! I went to post a compliment for your piccie and found I was the only one there! A-duuuhhhh!! :rolleyes: Neways, great pic of you on the other site, you look great!! It's me page*puss, btw... I just hate that name now. :rolleyes:

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I have already said I had a wonderful time there in London, I'll never forget it. It was special in every sense and these lovely people helped to make it unforgetable


Aqua, Pilot, Ledded1 and his ticket friend (who is really a great guy), it was just amazing to meet you!

(For those who don't know, I'm the one on the left)

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Haha, your cleavage is trying to strangle you like mine always does :lol::P

You look anything but plain :thumbsup:


I almost didn't post it just because of that!



Page*Puss is here! (I'd post your re-incarnate moniker, but I can't remember it and we can't see previous posts anymore...)

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This is how I've always pictured you, Mandrake.

Actually, this is still how I picture you .... every night ... right before I put the kleenex back on the nightstand and drift off to sleep.

You look so bored ... so disinterested .... so non-commital...

...So hot.

Not one to complain about a wham bam thank ya maa'm.

You're one and a half cups of cream that makes a sweet dream ...


Oh dear ... now I'm having "Death by Mandy's boobs" thoughts ... again.


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