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Post A Picture Of Yourself!

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Some taken sunday night and Monday O2 arena london 9/10 Dec 07!!

Me as we got into the arena !


me and Angel of Avalon in front of mixing desk


Me, Chicken and lee just after the gig finished in arena


Mr Whyalla, mrs Whyalla and me !!


Zep meet sunday night before gig at The Spanish galleon London !


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Didn't come out the greatest Ft Lauderdale :blush:

A picture from the seventies I take it. mine for your information was exactly two years ago, nothing changed except much better skin owing to the expensive skincare products I sell, and much longer hair. :D and I have this picture somewhere,amongst my possessions,yes you said you were in your 20 s, you do not have a recent one then, because they would be interesting to see. see yaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

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Leddy---great pictures!

I didn't realize that you had tickets! Chicken, too?

WTF? I guess I didn't read the "who's got tickets" thread close enough!

Yes we got lucky !! it was everything I hoped for !! I should retire from all gig going now !! nothing can top the emotional experience of the last 2 to 3 days !!

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Chicken! Awesome pictures!!!!

How fucking cool!

I seem to be at a loss of words lately--"awesome" and "fucking" are the only adjectives I can come up with to describe how I'm feeling. :lol:

How's that for an English teacher? :wacko:

edit to add: Actually, the way I'm using "fucking" makes it an intensifier. :lol:

How's that for grammar structure? :P

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you have been reported for insulting and horrible insults. :angry:

You bath at night if at all...I lived with you lmao. You started this by something about a nose and teeth and paying for things, not I I I. if anyone wants to see a recent pic, well I will email it to them personally. Now shove off ok? You lied about so many things already nobody trusts you....visiting Robert Plants Cottage for one....

It is not our fault your a liar Pb, get some help. You need it. I forgave you a million times to be hammered again and again and again. But I will load up with solicitors if need be.


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