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The pub


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Let me introduce you to my great friend Plantonic, Manders, at whose side I have swooned in musical appreciation at a number of Robert Plant shows and once at Robert Plant himself!

We have also done other stuff, but I'm hitting on the high points. B)

She is indeed a lovely lovely lady :D

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The bourbon in the berries ISN'T alcohol abuse, I can assure you. It's quite yummy! :DB)

Quite easy to make, too. :lol:

I've got four bottles of wine sitting outside so they'll be cold tomorrow (I ran out of room in the HUGE fridge.. )

Now I think it's time for some booze--for real.

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Oh man!!! You are damned right there!!! Man that was tasty stuff. I didn't go there for the drink but I definitely had one everynight while I was there high in the mountains! :thumbsup: The legal drinking age there is 16 too so my brother could drink too. That meant he bought me a beer before I could legally buy him one over here. ha! I miss that country! :( Good memories though!

every beer from austria is really tasty. i love my home country. nowadays the legal drinking age is 18. i don´t know why.

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I'll take a Bourbon and Coke, with an extra shot of Bourbon, lots of ice, in a medium sized glass. And while I'm gulping down this beverage, put a couple of concert tickets on the tab!! I hear that tourists have always loved London in December.

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