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Go easy on Fenix Pilot, he's just wanting the event to go as perfectly as possible. And yes my friend, I suppose that outboard is sounding pretty good about now. Okay you win, we'll make room :D I'm so easy :o Okay maybe not THAT easy B)

Now Pilot, we're in crunch time. One week left. As much as the drinks sound great, I'm fully committed to being a complete success and making you proud. After the show is another story entirely of course.


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What? WHAT??? You mean I've been imagining you as this cool biker dude all this time, and . . . :o

I need a large gin and tonic to recover, if you please, barkeep.

Sent one down your way. Bombay and tonic, if you please. :D (i'm on my 4th of the night, after the 2 at the English nerd banquet tonight.) :D:D

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Ah yes. barkeep... Jack and Coca-Cola on the rocks please.

Thank you very much, and please keep the change.

~raises drink~


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