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who's this guy?


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"I'm going to do biological research"......WRONG...you are going to become a Satan-worshipping drug fueled rock god....the greatest rock guitarist ever!!! :D

P.S. I love the part when Jimmy blushes....very shy boy!!!

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His parents must have been soooo proud of him. :D

Skiffle on, Jimmy! :thumbsup:

The drummer's son posted a message on the NME blog the night of the 02 gig.


Comment from: Andy [Visitor]

Easily best band in the world....but does that matter? They are just great to listen to from birth until death. i shall be glued to the comments etc. My Dad Dave Housego played the drums with Jimmy Page and was best friends with him at scchool! No free ticket though! See 'Jimmy Page Age 14' on You Tube and spot my old man! Wish I was in the queue! Bring it on Home.

10/12/07 @ 18:35

Edit: To add YouTube link to page 2.

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