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Ugliest Men In the History of Rock n' Roll


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Actually, I think Thom Yorke is pretty hot in a weird way. He does look terrible in that particular picture (eat something, man! and take your finger out of that socket), but I dunno, I think he's pretty sexy when he's got on his leather jacket and all... I don't think Iggy Pop looked so bad back in the day; like somebody else said, he had an Anthony Kiedis vibe going on there, and I think Anthony's pretty good looking. Gene Simmons isn't that bad - I mean, he's far from hot, but I dunno, he looks pretty average to me. He looks a lot better than a lot of other rockers his age, actually. Hey, and why is Crosby on there and Neil Young isn't? Neil Young's entire being irritates me, ugh. I'd take Pube-Curtain (lol) over Mr. Stringy Pug Nose any day.

I don't think it's really fair to put a picture of all these guys in their current state of decay, since everybody looks better when they're younger (with a few exceptions), so cut them some slack! However, I think Keith Richards is an exception to that. The fact that he started out pretty damn cute and then deteriorated into the worst-looking person on the planet--hell, he'd even win an Ugliest Zombie contest--is something you can't just overlook. The guy's a wonder of nature, and he should be recognized for it, whether he likes it or not.

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I'm confused as to how this could be posted and not everyone agrees that he wins the title:


That said, it's a good list and I completely agree with it (although they did miss a few of the aforementioned people :whistling:) :lol::thumbsup:

He may not be a pretty boy, but that picture isn't doin him any justice at all.


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Where is Keith Richards? :D

He isn't ugly? :P

He wasn't always. I think that's unfair, because lots of folks get uglier when they get old :blink:

Especially when you've done what he's done. Testament just to still be breathing :blink:

Now, Jim Croce was a rough looking dude

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Keith Richards gets my vote too


When you are reported to be worth 240 million, who cares. Thats what the wink is about. Besides he also got 9 million for his biography. I would get beat with the ugly stick for that.

Better to be ugly and rich than handsome and poor, such as myself. B)

Edited for spelling

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smacgowan1.jpg Sorry but this guy has got to take the cake



Oh God!!! I don't know if to scream or laugh..... :lol: S..t! It's quite a nightmare coming from the Hot Jimmy's pics and checking out this!

Zappa looks like a rose compared to these. :D


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