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Whats your symbol?


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I have a few that relate to my Gemini dual personality...


This is the symbol for my tarot card, I'm not in to tarot, but I found it interesting because I love stars so much


The rest of these symbols all correspond to the American Indian zodiac


This is the main symbol for Gemini. Your birth totem.


This represents my directional totem which is the East


And this is a subgroup symbol. These are classed by the term clans. both my sister and brother belong in the same clan as well

I also love butterflies

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Just a question. If I was born at 12:45 am during daylight savings time, was I in fact born at 11:45pm the previous day astrologically? :unsure::lol:

Or if you were born on Feb 29th of a leap year would you be born at all? :o:D

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