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what song started you on Zeppelin?

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was listenening to a top ten list on youtube and hear over the hills and far away.... and was like... hey thats kinda cool... so i listened to the little promo video.... and then i listened to it again... and again... and again... =)

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Same here - "Dazed and Confused". For many, many reasons. Everything comes together in this song and it "climaxes" in Page's brilliantly phrased solo. I must have heard it a gazillion times by now and I never get bored by doing so. The main riff is a killer in itself. But it would be wrong to actually point out a certain bit or piece - it is the whole song, an epic masterpiece. A precious piece of beautiful art, for the lack of a better term!

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"Rock and Roll" for me... A friend I thought was a "cool dude" who knows music brought the album overand we played it in my Mom's big record player. The song really caught my attention and I started listening to this foreign band. I didn't know that I would later be obsessed with owning and listening to their great music.

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First post :-) sorry did not do meet and greet forumn. Just wanted to say this thread actually made me smile. For me I kept hearing black dog all over town in about 83, 84. I knew I had to be a part of whomever it was even though I had been raised on that and much akin music.

Just cars would pull up to local 7\11 blaring it etc and i was mezzed. Bought 2 and 4 and literally sat down on my waterbed dumbfounded. I was raised literally on drugs but had quit to pursue football til year or so before and then I hit drugs on my own. the " fun" ones I call them :-) (even if i also keep them from my kids like a poison)

that mindset and zep 2 and 4 made me pull the curtains to my away from the house bedroom and I did not leave for 3 days as I was just falling in love. Cannot say it equals my wife but it was so similar.

now I have a deep love for zeppelin and still have fun introducing it to people who are fans of rap etc and watching them "convert" Thanks to the DvD release that live version of in my time of dying just hits people sideways while we are " realxed"

but otherwise I never listen to zeppelin. dont wanna end up hating certain songs so for many many years I enjoy them in a party atmosphere to an extreme but otherwise no. my wife loves zeppelin but less for the music and more for it's effect on me ( reads between lines)

thanks for the thread and since it was my first post and also since circumstancs at the time you first got into led zeppelin seem relevant I rambled on!

PS Plants music on manic nirvana and fate of nations I include as zeppelin as well as plant\page! those things still make my mix cd's

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I honestly cannot tell you!

I know that my dad let me have his HOTH CD when I was a sophomore in HS, and I kind of stole it from him. He didn't mind.

I've grown up listening to the Zep, I don't know when I first really heard it.

I do remember once, while I was in the car, waiting with a friend for her mom to get in so we could go to the movies (what, in 1984? '85?) head-banging to the hard parts of "Black Dog." :lol:

Yes, in the back of a late 70's Celica! :D

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Song? Can't say. I got TSRTS soundtrack album in 1976, and it took over my life to this day! :beer:

See, it's hard for me to select a single. It was albums for me. Each side was a chapter. To pick out a single song would be to choose a paragraph from a story. I can't step back and view it within those limits. Sitting back with the album on the turntable, headphones on, gazing at the cover...that's the experience I remember. :beer:

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103085357.jpgLed Zeppelin had me at Dazed and Confued cause back then I was...

Led Zeppelin studio recording

"Dazed and Confused" Song by Led Zeppelin from the album Led Zeppelin Released 12 January 1968

When the Yardbirds disbanded in 1968, Page planned to record the song yet again, this time with Led Zeppelin. According to Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones, the first time he heard the song was at the band's very first rehearsal session at Gerrard Street in London in 1968: "Jimmy played us the riffs at the first rehearsal and said, 'This is a number I want us to do'."Led Zeppelin recorded their version in October 1968 at Olympic Studios, London, and the song was included on their 1969 debut album Led Zeppelin.

The Led Zeppelin version was not credited to Holmes. Page used the title, penned a new set of lyrics, and changed enough of the melody to escape a plagiarism lawsuit from Holmes — the song's arrangement, however, remained markedly similar to the version performed by The Yardbirds the previous year. While Holmes took no action at the time, he did later contact Page in regards to the matter. Page had not replied as of 2001. In June 2010 Holmes filed a lawsuit in United States District Court, alleging copyright infringement and naming Page as a co-defendant.

This was one of three Led Zeppelin songs on which Page used a bow on his guitar, the others being "How Many More Times" and "In the Light". The intro of the song "In the Evening" utilised the Gizmotron rubber wheel string exciter to achieve the violin-like effects. Many often mistake this for his use of the bow.

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