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What is the average age here?

Deborah J

What is your age group  

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  1. 1. Average Age Group on the Forum

    • 12 to 20
    • 20 to 30
    • 30 to 40
    • 40 to 50
    • 50 to 60

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I'm 13! Turning 14 July 26th...probably one of the younger ones here.

I think it is awesome that LZ music keeps getting discovered by newer generations. Those of you that are younger get to have that feeling of finding them out while those of us a little older can continue to enjoy new moments and fond memories. Great how music can join people of all ages.

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49 and still counting...Thank God!! :-)

...and I will give you some company....48 coming up...and one thing is certain, the young one's around here truly know the value of Zep...they know what it's all about and NOT about.... :D :D

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I'm 49, but I rarely feel that age. Some days I'm 22....other days I'm 72.

LOL-- I can totally relate. It's usually the physical part where I feel older, can't do the same things I could do easily in my 20's.

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