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The Birthday Thread


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Already wished you happy birthday privately, LZG, but allow me to add my voice to the public birthday greetings!

Now that it is officially the 16th in the UK, it is time to heartily wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the Grand Dames of the forum: Kate aka Fool In The Rain 60!

May you have a splendid day among your family and friends, Kate! Hope you get plenty of cake and ice cream...and some lovin' from BD. ;)

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Thank-you, Sean,STZ,CP,Walter,Melanie,jb126,LZG,and Paul for your Birthday Greetings...

Also ally if I wanted a Good Night out BD is the last person I would go with...LOL

but he did make me a very nice White Choc Cheesecake... :thumbsup:


Wait...he had me at cheesecake. :P

I hope you had fun today.

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Must be a popular day, there are 3 people whom I know at work who are also having birthdays.

Happy Birthday sickagain98, Wandering Spirit and Auntie Marion! :)

Happy Birthday to forum members and relatives.

Haha that's cute thank you guys ^_^ That must be quite a party at your work Walter! Been having lots of birthday cake??

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