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RIP Whitney Houston


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What an unbelievable loss! Heard about this at about 7:30 on 77 ABC radio in NYC. First reported by the AP. They said it was unconfirmed at the time and just may be a rumor, but came to fact about an hour later unfortunately.

Whitney had immense talent, but it seems she could not rid herself of her demons, which brought her demise. Whether this can be blamed with her relationship and marriage with Bobby Brown...I can't answer that. But, I'm sure it didn't help and may have begun her downfall and involvement with substance abuse over the last several years.

For me, her greatest vocal performance and one of the best EVER by anyone is below!!! Singing the "Star Spangled Banner" at Super Bowl XXV in Tampa Stadium. With the first Gulf War (Desert Storm), just about ten days or so in, there was a lot of patriotism in this crowd and so much heartfelt support for our troops and country. Whitney, really brought this performance home for the troops and our country, Don't know how else to say this. (Feel free to elaborate on this!!!) It's just an amazing two minutes. She will be missed! Even better being that my Giants beat the Bills in one of the best Super Bowls ever!

The first clip includes comments from members of our U.S. Military and Whitney's singing of our National Anthem and the second, being just Whitney's performance. Thought it would be good to include both. Enjoy!

Just wish there was this much support for our troops and country now, that there was twenty one years ago. I guess the situation has something to do with it and has unfortunately changed. Don't want to turn this into something else as this is just a thread to remember Whitney Houston.

Since this thread is quite newsworthy, just wondering if the moderators might consider moving this over to "Ramble On?" Might be better there, where it would get more traffic than here. Just a suggestion!

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This is just so sad and sudden, I can't believe it.

Sad, yes. But not so sudden if you've seen the toll her addiction took on her. Once you start doing crack, you might as well start digging your grave. Other than crystal meth, no other drug ravages the body, mind and soul like crack. I would venture to say that crack has ruined more lives than heroin...and I've heard of more people successfully rehabbing from heroin than crack.

I really feel for her daughter and her family. I hope they keep Bobby Brown away from the daughter. What was that book years ago? "Smart women, foolish choices". When Whitney hooked up with Bobby Brown, that was the red flag that something was wrong. Whatever demons Whitney had, Bobby Brown was not a supportive husband or helpmate. In fact, he exacerbated her problems. He ruined her...and he'll do the same to her daughter if he gets a chance.

Well, better dead and at peace than living life as a crackhead...for that AIN'T living.


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What sad news. Whitney Houston defined the 80's, imo. She also sang one of the most beautiful love songs I've ever heard. Her soaring vocals were magical as seen on this clip of that song.

R.I.P. Whitney Houston

From her 1986 peformance at the Grammy Awards, a 23 year old Whitney singing her heart out and picking up her Grammy.

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