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Roxie and Lady H, :wub:


The doctor is in.

Hot Damn Babs ! Your one mean looking MF :lol:

Ronniedawg ! Cool Pic my man.

I think we need to have a Bass Day BBQ sometime :drunk:

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Thanks. ;)

Speaking of Eastenders... I used to be obsessed with that show when they showed it in Canada. Was really upset when they cancelled it here.

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reggie and ronnie! hoxton? i used to love reading about these guys, any local stories, danny?

Hi Beatbo,

How long you got mate?

My Nan, God Bless Her, used to go to Bingo with Mrs Violet Kray their Mum, and she told me that she was a lovely lady and the Film (The Krays) portaial of her was a bit too harsh, she was much a more softer person in real life.

My Uncle Terry used to run with them as a kid, untill my Grandad put a stop to it, he was a good judge of character was my Grandad, and a right hard little bastard as well.

My Mum knew them, and well enough to keep well away.

Me, I knew their nephew Kevin Kray, he hated them and even changed his name to "Cray" to avoid being associated with them. But I never knew them or saw them, but I have met many of their unsavory associates and they scared the hell outta me.

Everyone in the Old East End will give you a story about them, and its 99% bullshit, thats the trouble with the East End its full of Gangsters and Bullshitters, and I aint no gangster. :lol:

I dont know how much I could get away with saying on the forum about what I know, they still have a fearsome reputation in the East End and anyone who insults their memory could end up in the Thames wearing "Concrete Sandals" if you know what I mean, and thats the truth.

I'll have too have think about it, see what I can come up with, watch this space.

Kind Regards, Danny

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