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Your favorite Page look?

What is your favorite Jimmy look?  

202 members have voted

  1. 1. Which is your favorite?

    • Black Dragonsuit
    • White Dragonsuit
    • Geek Shique
    • Other (Pre or post Zeppelin)

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I love this poll, it's a great topic! But as others have said, there are just so many Jimmy looks, so many options: Hobo Jim, Heroin Casualty Jim, Country Jim (wearing sweaters/jumpers and suchlike), Crazy Mis-Matched Outfits Jimmy, etc. My favourite Jimmy is probably the pale English laird look, I'll try to find a suitable example...



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Gee, I wonder why nobody picked this look...


[raises hand cautiously] I'm fond of Knebworth Jimmy, because that's when I got to know about Led Zeppelin. I didn't associate his spectral appearance with drug use (being a kid, I didn't know a lot about the subject), I just thought he was a really skinny man. Dumb, I know...

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Mister Page has many cool looks. Which one is your favorite?

Black Dragonsuit Jimmy (early seventies)


White Dragonsuit Jimmy (mid-late seventies)


Geek Shique Jimmy (late seventies, 1980)


Or is this there another look that is your favorite? I personally love the geek-shique eighties Jimmy.

the first one is the astronaut suit. the black dragon suit is the one that he wore at Earl's Court. I have never heard of the astronaut suit referred to as the balck dragon suit.

this is the black dragon suit:


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I personally like the suit he wore for Rock & Roll and Black Dog in TSRTS- the jacket with the silver fringe on the shoulders with the pants with the moon & stars.

I always think he looks so hot in that. I wish he wore that more into the film.

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I'd have to say the Knebworth/80's tour look. He looked like a "rock star" without even dressing like one. It's also the one look where he doesn't look at all dated, he could where those suits today & no one would blink.

I must say the 77' tour had his best outlandish looks. The Poppy outfit, the Stormtrooper gear, & I think it was one of the Oakland shows where he whore thigh high boots with white jodphurs & a dark jacket. All cool looks.

I thought he looked amazing during the opening of 02 show, & I think he thought so too.

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come on people...no ZOSO sweater lovers out there??????


here's two for you steveAJones:

before the jacket faded:


and the 84 era you mentioned:


also, here are some more i like:



i think my favorite jimmy wardrobe piece though are the black and white loafers. those were some sweet - go with everything - shoes!

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for some reason i really don't like the white dragon suit. my favorite is the suit he wore in TSRTS.

You don't like the white dragon suit!!! Are you really really sure???? Don't want to change your mind? .. :D






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