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most over looked zeppelin song

most over looked zeppelin song  

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  1. 1. most over looked zeppelin song

    • night flight
    • south bound saurez
    • hot dog
    • for your life
    • hots on for nowhere

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There is no such thing as an overlooked Zeppelin song, unless it was unpublished in the first place. That said, I'd like to single out Walter's Walk. Love that tune.

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Out of these 5, I'd say Saurez. I'm really not at all fond of ITTOD as an album, although most of the songs taken individually are ok. But Saurez is to me the closest the album gets to the classic Zep sound. Love Jimmy's solo, even though it's a bit ragged, and unlike some of the other ITTOD songs, I find the keyboards complementary rather than intrusive.

Other songs? I think Dancing Days is one of their very best, joyous and unique, but it rarely features in fans' Top 10s. Although it often sounded a bit ponderous live, I think it should have stayed in the set long after 73. Love the story about them dancing to the playback on the Stargroves lawn, can just picture it.

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I went for Hot Dog.

It get undeserved bashing.

I don't agree on it being overlooked but I do agree with it being hated too much. "Hot Dog" is not a favorite of mine, but I don't hate it. I guess it's all a matter of opinion.

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