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Vancouver 1971 - audio samples


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8 minutes ago, spindle said:

amazing!  is the whole thing finally coming out?

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 sorry for triple posts- downloads were not showing up so redid the posts and now have triple what I want. Anyone know how to delete? The 'edit ' button doesn't have a delete feature showing.

That's all for now, sorry...


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That really is a superb version of Gallows Pole and Plant's vocal at the end of Stairway - woah!

Ledzepfilm, please, please could you shed any more light on this for all the gutted Zepnerds around the globe???!!!

Couple of Qs. Hope someone can answer. Apologies if they're naive.

1) How did these snippets make their way onto Youtube?

2) Is Spindle the taper?

3) Can he be persuaded to share any more tracks or is that it once a private collector is involved?

And one final thing: AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!! Why are some people so... [rant rant rant, much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair, stomping of feet and clenching of fists... followed by great sighs of disbelief sadness, frustration and disgust, shaking of head, pained crinkling of face...]

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Personally I'm just glad to have access to the complete Gallows Pole, in such clear sound and such an interesting performance.


Would love to hear the whole recording of course, but if you asked me which two songs I'd most want to have, it would be Gallows Pole #1 and Weekend #2. Grateful to have one of the two.

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14 hours ago, Michael Fry said:


Agreed.  I totally get the perspective that if you have something valuable, you shouldn't give it away for free.  And of course, bootleg companies need to recoup their outlays for this sort of thing.  But that market vanished with the advent of the digital age.  I just don't understand this appeal of sitting on something that probably only a few hundred hardcore fans would be interested in hearing anyway.  At least an antique collector can show pictures of the physical object to the world.  What utility comes from holding onto a 50 year old tape?  This I don't get.

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