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Angi and I, taken by our dear Otto Masson on his recent visit to the states from Iceland.


hey i like this! if i'll see your car around gonna take that plates off the car!

just kidding :lol: though i waish i have one! hahahaha

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I took Rorer skating today in Wilmington, NC...some Canadian guy from Ontario opened a skating rink there about 3 years ago :lol: Rorer hadn't been skating in over 30 years....he kept telling me that I was going to make him break his ankle :lol: I told him it was like riding a bike...

30 minutes into the skate, it had all come back to him....he was whipping around the ice, spraying snow when he stopped, and doing crossovers...I was so proud and impressed (it was pretty sexy :shifty: ) :wub: We skated for 2 and a half hours....here are some pictures!! :)


I never thought I'd see him strapping on skates...not bad for a brand new 46 year old :thumbsup:



Rorer in the sin bin....:lol:


I haven't seen so many Canadian flags in NC since I've been here :lol:

We had the most awesome day, it was our early Valentine's Day special outing :D

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My Boy Troy

and thats me facing towards the camera. My friend is in a German WWII group that does reenactments.(the other guy) I came along that day because i helped weld that gun back together. He bought it from a guy in England. To send it over to the U.S. the breach had to be cut up in 7 pieces and the barrel must be cut up also. I welded it back together Illegally. by all account's it will fire a shell, but we wont dare to. (F.B.I., C.I.A., A.T.F, and Death may result) That is just a smoke charge. We also have an Anti aircraft gun and a small panzer that we are working on. I told tthem once i get my M1 Garand im outta there.

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