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Song with no words



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  1. 1. song with no words

    • swan song
    • jennings farm blues
    • Bron-yr-aur
    • White summer/Black mountain side
    • black Mountain side
    • Bonzo's Montreux
    • Moby dick
    • other

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Bron Yr-Aur for me, definitely. That's what I wake up to every morning (my alarm clock has a dock for my iPod). It's a lovely, mellow, gentle song to wake up to.

Only trouble is, I keep dreaming that it's Jimmy sitting at the end of my bed, playing the song on an acoustic ... then dammit, I realise that it's the iPod every time! :blush:

I wake up every morning with "In the light"(PG)...and in the first minute I dream nearly ever to wake up in India, during a red and orange sunrise, with Robert near me smiling and full of peace... :wub:

...and when I'm really awake, I'm really really sad..."Where...Where is Plant???":unsure:

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