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What does Zeppelin means to you?


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L ife

E ternity

D awn

Z oso

E vermore

P ower

P lant

E vening

L ove

I nner

N oise

Now you,write whatever is on your mind. :)

L ove

E xcellent

D reams

Z eppelin

E nthusiasm

P ersonify

P hysical

E nthusiasm

L egacy

I magine

N ow

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Humm... funny... but somehow hard! LZ mean much more than words, to me!

But let's give it a try

LZ are my:

L - Love

E - Everything

D - Despair

Z - Zen

E - Earth

P - Precious

P - Plant

E - Ecstasy

L - Life

I - Insanity

N - Nature

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