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Bootlegs you have besides Led Zeppelin


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Just wondering what types of bootlegs everyone has, in addition of course to Led Zeppelin. I don't have that many, but do have some: here are the ones I have:


Savoy Brown


Rory Gallagher

Pink Floyd


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Aerosmith, Prince, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Doors, Beatles, Yes, Queen, Kiss, Hendrix, Heart, Black Sabbath, Dio, Black Crowes, Jeff Buckley, Astra, Huun Huur Tu, Alanis, Steve Vai, Bowie, Finn Brothers, Sheryl Crow, Wendy and Lisa,

Nikka Costa, Skunk Anansie........etc.

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I have a large collection of The Beatles, U2 and Jeff Buckley

5 to 10 for each of ....

Pink Floyd ..... and Waters, Gilmore

Neil Young

Joe Walsh

The Eagles

Frank Zappa


Ben Harper

The Faces

J Geils Band

Rory Gallagher


and 1 or 2 of many others

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...hundreds of compact discs...

Elvis Presley...Chuck Berry...The Beatles...The Rolling Stones...The Who...Eric Clapton...Cream...Jeff Beck...Buddy Guy...James Brown...Bad Company...AC/DC...Kiss...Foreigner...Steely Dan...Van Halen...Ozzy Osbourne...The Stray Cats...Stevie Ray Vaughan...Guns n' Roses...Velvet Revolver...Slash

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Like the man said, “The torture never stops”, guess the man - great question, I had a ton of Coverdale Page stuff, The Tea Party, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, and yes don’t laugh, Julian Lennon – saltwater wells in my eyes…I stopped collecting bootlegs because in my view it became unhealthy, my wife began to question what I loved more, her or my 2000 albums on vinyl and compact disc…It got the point when we would vacation together, I would wonder off in search of used record stores, or yard sales. I was looking for that scene in High Fidelity for some reason where as a collector, you get that high for finding that one special recording. Luckily for her, I never answered the question directly, who I loved more! My home was robbed as well, so I lost a bunch of stuff, and just never bothered to replace it. I’m happy with studio albums and B-sides now. My son looked at me, and laughed, and said, why not just listen to music on youtube…I’m part of the generation who just doesn’t get it I guess…

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At this point my bootleg collection probably equals my official release collection...got more Zeppelin than anybody else (though The Stones come close)...it's easy to amass tons of live recordings when you set out to collect entire tours (such as Stones in '75, Zeppelin, Floyd, Genesis and CSN in '77 -which I suppose really makes me king of '77 :lol: ...) and/or collections of studio outtakes, such as The Beatles' Get Back/Let It Be sessions or Dylan's Basement Tapes.

Of course, my bootleg collection has increased exponentially since I got into torrenting...it's totally spoiled us, granted, but preferable -in a way- to scouring record trade shows or indie stores in the old days for boots. First bootleg...Stones in Baton Rouge, 1975 (evening show), purchased for $40 back in 1985.

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Aerosmith- 1973-1986

Bad Company

Jeff Beck

Black Sabbath- Ozzy and Dio

Blue Oyster Cult

Deep Purple

Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Jimi Hendrix

Humble Pie

King Crimson


Ozzy Osbourne

Pink Floyd



Rolling Stones

Roxy Music




Thin Lizzy

The Who


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Got quite a few from a number of artists. Zep members solo stuff should be included with Zeppelin:




Elvis Presley

Bob Dylan


Grateful Dead

The Police

Depeche Mode (only because it was from a show of their's I say back in the late 80's)



There may be some others, but this is what I can think of right now.

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