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The forum software updates are almost completed. There's some new features/tweaks etc you might notice.

New default skin:


At the top right, you can change some of the colors/options on this theme ("Edit Style").

You can select the old one at the bottom left of the page, "Change Theme". "LedZep_skin2":


and the old standard "blue" one is "IP Board":


There's still some adjustments to be made. If you're having problems with the board, try logging out and clearing your browser cache.

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It looks lovely. But...have you instituted flood control...which I think is what it's called when you can't post more than once in a certain amount of time. I've been held up twice tonight and I never noticed that in the past. Although I suppose I could just be talking a lot tonight... :)

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What the heck? This is the second day in a row I've woken up and when I came to check the forum, found I was still logged in from the day before. The first time I chalked it up to my forgetfulness, but I am 100% certain I signed out before going to work last night. Yet I find out just now I'm still sgned in. Weird.

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