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The Worst Band Ever

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My only thing with Jethro Tull is that rock bands don't have flute players. Otherwise I think they're great band- flute included.

Who says?

The flute in Jethro Tull is one of the things that's so great about them. I find it very refreshing to hear a flute solo instead of a guitar solo sometimes, actually.

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I know you didn't explicitely say it, but I would never compare Nirvana to the likes of Green Day.....they're universes apart!! :)

You're correct, I didn't but you know the music press. In the wake of Cobain's death they didn't hesitate to call Green Day "the new Nirvana". I do see them all as an extension of punk rock though, no matter how far removed. Like I said, they were the more accessible versions.

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That not really what I'm saying but Nirvana were definitely heavily influenced by punk. Pat Smear was in that band for a reason.

We could say Nirvana knowingly put the "funk" into the "punk" or if you like it more, Mascis was the man who 'psychedelilized' Nirvana's 'punky' sound!

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I cannot stand The Sex Pistols. Stone temple Pilots, or Pearl Jam. And almost everybody on the thread. And with the exception of maybe 1 song, Velvet Revolver. Anything country, except Johnny Cash. Oh yeah remember accept? Think they were German. My God this list could go on forever.

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Jethro Dull





Any "nu metal" acts such as Deftones, RATM, Korn, etc.


Emo shit



White Stripes

Any rap

I'm sure there's more.


And Tull have two good songs.

Rest--crap, no question ( in my mind).

Also Duran Duran, and DaveDeeDozyBeakyMickandTitch.

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I rip on Styx quite a bit, but I'd have to give the nod to Toto. People say the band members were great musicians. I'm sorry, but you don't have to be a great musician to play Roseanna. Saw then live too warming up for somebody. They sucked....Toto IV sucked....the Rains in Africa sucked. They never made it in Japan because Toto happens to be the name of Japan's largest toilet manufacturer. How fitting.

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I'm surprised Jethro Tull didn't get any mentions. Go ahead, I can take it.

Well, they were supposedly called "Jethro Dull" by "the boys", but who knows if that was true or not?

However, they were the first concert I ever saw, probably eary '78...but they did get blown off the stage by their opener, Uriah Heap...sorry...

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If I posted all the bands I thought sucked donkey dick, the site would crash. Needless to say, here's a taster:

Good Charlotte

Limp Bizkit

Blink whatever

Sum 41

My Chemical Romance

Fall-Out Boy

Any fake emo pop punk band that had music featured on The OC

Ashlee Simpson

Britney Spears

99% of rap artists/groups

Hoobastank (what kind of stupid fucking name is that?!)

Danity Kane

Most hair metal bands


You get the idea.

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Flaming Lips

Explain, because I just can't understand how anyone could possibly dislike the Lips even the slightest. :blink:

Edit: Sorry for being an ass, I was just shocked that someone would think that of them.

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