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Best Kashmir live version


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It doesn't matter what you or any of the fans think. The members of the band called it Led Zeppelin and preformed to their best abilities. It was about as awesome a moment and we'll get.

Back to the topic. O2 version is up there. Probably my favorite overall considering the circumstances. Vancouver March 19th 1975 is also a favorite of mine.


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^ Agree! The whole mix itself is what made it incredible. I believe this was truly the first time it became more than simply the sum of it's parts. The guitar tone was the best I ever heard for this song hands down, and the keys and bass pedals were mixed perfectly. Jason played it straight and relentless, Roberts vocals were his best since 77' if not better, he really pulled it out for this song. IMO this version is the perfect storm, everything works in synch, no one musician stands out, they become one homogenous force.

PERFECTLY SAID, agree 100%

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After listening to 6/21's Kashmir. It has some pretty neat stuff that the Knebworth shows lack, even though there is still something that I like in the Knebworth version, the 6/21 version gets hiked up in my book. The added Middle Eastern-like accents Robert puts on makes it sound cool as well as that reverby echo effect. Stuff like that getting added to the live versions of the songs do it for me which is why they are my favorite band. I digress, the 6/21 show is one of the best versions. I had my doubts before, but I gave it a real deep listen. Just thought I share my update, I know I pop in and out of these discussions randomly.

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So many great versions to choose from. Although I am partial to the '75 tour, there are great versions from '77 (including "Eddie," ListenToThis). Although, I also think there are some real stinkers from '77 that just feel sluggish and boring.

I think the 8-4 Knebworth version is better than the 8-11. And...I think there are good versions from '80, when they didn't get lost. I love the "double shot" Bonzo adds to breaks (is that the right term?) in the post-'75 versions.

As for O2: I would be tempted to put it in the top 3 or 4 simply because they nailed it entirely. I was left speechless the first time I saw it. Percy, even in a different register, put all the drama and soul into it that the song deserves. The dynamics are breathtaking.

I tend to be the type who does want to have a favorite for the live standbys. For Kashmir, it might be 5-25-75.

I should "research" this. :peace:

^1000x this. Just another of those extra touches that makes those versions much more enjoyable IMO.

Completely agree about the O2 version as well, pretty magical moment.

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The '77 versions also gained the Middle Eastern sounding Danelectro and the sweet segue from White Summer/Black Mountainside.

From my Zeppelin concert-going experiences 1970-1977, I would have to say that the 1977 "Kashmir" was THE Awesomest song that I ever heard them perform. There were many great moments over the years, but that "Kashmir" takes the Cake.

The opinions here are all over the place for the "Best" performance of Kashmir. But, that's to be expected. Because, everyone gives a different "weight" to the vocals, the guitar work, the drums, the mellotron, etc.

The 1977 performances were the pinnacle of presentation and performance, for me of "Kashmir".

I know shows differ, but the Houston and Ft. Worth shows were amazing - The Ft. Worth show being the best, meaning out-of-body experience good. I am speaking of being there, experiencing it, over what is on tape. I suppose the same could be said of those that experienced Knebworth. I do not personally rate the Knebworth performances as favorites.

Now to the O2 recording and performance. Given, that it is not John Henry Bonham on drums, that O2 rendition most closely captures the awe and majesty, The Hammer of the Gods performance, that I remember from 1977. And so, listening to the O2 recording is the most effective vehicle to take me back to the 1977 Ft. Worth performance.

Those of you that have listened to the many boots, know more than I do, about what's there. So I can't really be of help there.

It is a sad point that pro recordings were not made from '75 and '77 of their best shows. These would simply prove, to the entire world, without a doubt, that, on their best nights, Zeppelin were the best Rock'n'Roll band on the planet.

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Well I posted my favorite performance of Kashmir, but my opinion changed since March 2014 and I've listened to tons and tons of additional shows, and Kashmir has became one of my top 5 favorite songs.

1- Vancouver 3/20/1975. It just does not get better than this show!! Such a fantastic, and powerful performance of Kashmir!!! For how much bashing Plant gets about his vocals during this tour, he sure sounds powerful right here!!! This has been my favorite performance of Kashmir for a long while now.

2- Frankfurt 6/30/1980. It's very close between this and LA 6/25/1977, but I have to go with this one. While some may find Jonsey's 1980 keyboards to be cheesy, I find it to be a refreshing change for the band's sound and Kashmir sounded pretty cool and very different!! I love Bonzo's fills at the end and it goes on forever!! I want to say that after they f***ed up Kashmir the previous night that they really wanted to knock it out of the park the next night, which they definitely did!!

3- LA 6/25/1977. It's a close tie with LA 6/21/1977, but I think the 25th may have been slightly better. While most would disagree I still find Kashmir in Vancouver 3/20/1975 to be more powerful than any of the LA '77 shows, but maybe if I was there I would have a different opinion... 

I will never make up my mind about if I enjoy Black Mountain Side > Kashmir or hearing Bonzo shout "1-2-3-4!!!" as the intro. Bonzo sounds ferocious in Vancouver 3/20/1975, part of the reason why I like that one so much!

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One that should get mentioned is 3/24/75-LA Forum.  The sound of Pages guitar and the JPJ Orchestra sounds otherworldly at the moments after Roberts sings "...all will be revealed..."  And every other point in the song when Page plays that riff

Its like one a wall of whah whah fuzz that just sound amazing.  

To me that is the difinitive "sound" of the song live.  


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On 11/27/2015 at 11:37 PM, NealKenneth said:

My vote is for 28 May 1977 in Landover.


this one is on my list because of all the different little things they had worked into the number especially as it approached the finale- spent a great deal of time trying to chart it out back in the day.

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For the 38 years that I have been listening to music in my life so far, hearing this and seeing this video on the big screen at the cinema was the highlight of my life when it comes to music - such an all powerful moment where we clearly hear and see Led Zeppelin taking full flight like a Concorde travelling high above the earth at the speed of sound - 27 years after what we thought was the final landing on the runway. You can feel the band reaching out, looking for that next horizon and pushing musical boundaries in this song. There was no auto-pilot at this gig - Jason, John, Robert, and Jimmy knew they are the greatest on the planet during this 90 minutes and they are focussed on ensuring everyone can see and hear that. The greatest that has ever been or ever will be. LED ZEPPELIN!!! We can only hope that the musical Gods will come together again and record new music - music needs Led Zeppelin



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On March 1, 2013 at 4:48 PM, DavidZoso said:

The Vienna and Frankfurt 1980 versions are really good.

Yep. The last 1/4 of that show rocked. After Jimmy got hit with the firecracker the whole band woke up.

Excellent AUD recording too.

6/25/77 is my favorite.

I must be missing out on o2. Listened only 2x But I agree with the sentiment , Kashmir without Bonzo is tough.

Kashmir isn't as bottom heavy as Levee or as complex as some of the drum tracks on ITTOD but all in all I think it's Bonzos best work.

Glastonbury 95 is a great version augmented by the fantastic orchestra. I love cranking that one up. The orchestra is so clear.

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6/21/77 is the definitive version for me. As others have said, Robert is the clear star here. You can tell he's putting everything he has into this version. I've always found 6/25/77 to be a tad overrated and I've never understood the love for Landover 5/28 (sluggish as hell IMO).

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I have a question about 6-21-77.  First I will say that 5:53-6:02 is one of the defining moments of the tour for me.  And that Jimmy's ending guitar soloing is the best I ever heard on Kashmir.  My question - is 6:49 -6:51 Plant or someone near the taper?  It sounds like Plant but it does not seem like something he would do?  I don't recall ever hearing any thing like that on another version?


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Lots of possibilities here, but if I can get them in order...

1) O2. No question, this is top of the pile. Something about the way this version just takes off into the stratosphere in a way that even the best 70s versions never did. I love live music, live albums and recordings are my main form of listening some days, and this, this is the summit of the mountain. 

2) Knebworth 04/08/1979. Superlative version, just really tight and powerful, with a grandiosity to it.

3) LA 22/06/1977

4) LA 21/06/1977

5) Pick any version from 1975, really, most are excellent. One of the Vancouver ones maybe, or the NY 12/02 show, or maybe even EC on the 24th. Very consistent quality in the performances of this song.

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