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Best song off Houses of the Holy



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  1. 1. What is your favourite song on Houses of the Holy?

    • The Song Remains the Same
    • The Rain Song
    • Over the Hills and Far Away
    • The Crunge
    • Dancing Days
    • D'yer Mak'er
    • No Quarter
    • The Ocean

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This is a really hard question since HOTH is my fave Zep album.

For me it has to be "Dancing Days". I just love it!

I noticed you had listed Dick Dale several times, one of my favorite artisits, my husbands Band the Delstars opened for him a couple of times in the 90's he is amazing.

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Maybe the best overall album in my eyes... no under-average song really and very, VERY hard to choose ONE to be the best...

I would be choosing from NQ, OTHAFA, TO probably. All of those are just incredible live and get a brand new dimension to them when played live. And thats what I love the most on music generaly. Its maybe this reason, why I HAVE TO go with...

...drum roll...


.. the solos there are just... self-explanatory... :).

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1. The Rain Song (Best LZ song)

2. No Quarter

3. Over the Hills and Far Away

4. The Song Remains the Same

5. Dancing Days

6. The Ocean

7. D'yer Mak'er

8. The Crunge (One of the least good Led Zeppelin Songs)

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The Rain Song; 'I felt the coldness of my winter, I never thought it would ever go' is really a strong lyrical line, and the instrumentals in the song are lovely; they transport me to a gentler place.

That's a perfect way to describe how I feel when I listen to Rain Song. It's something no other Zeppelin song gives me. Well said sir.

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