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Best song off Houses of the Holy



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  1. 1. What is your favourite song on Houses of the Holy?

    • The Song Remains the Same
    • The Rain Song
    • Over the Hills and Far Away
    • The Crunge
    • Dancing Days
    • D'yer Mak'er
    • No Quarter
    • The Ocean

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HOTH is one of my very favorite Zep albums - it was one of my favorites back when it was released and it remains a favorite to this day because it brings me right back to the '73 U.S. concert days. To me, the best song on the album is TSRTS. More than any other song on HOTH, TSRTS evokes such strong memories of that time, including the awe and the love I felt when I stood there and watched it being performed live. Second best: The Ocean - it comes very close to having the same effect on me. :D

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For me...this may be the toughest album to pick a favorite from. I went with "The Rain Song." I love the lyrics and the overall musical attitude. The closing guitar is amazing and always stops me dead in my tracks.

Same here. Easily the toughest album to pick one. The guitar arrangement is so brilliant, had to go with Rain Song. It's one of Robert's best lyrics as well.

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Sure was a hard one to pick because all the songs stand out on their own.

I went for TRS just in front of NQ.

IMHO their most diverse album in terms of musical styles, the only thing missing was a blues song and perhaps a pure acoustic piece.

I've always thought of Physical Graffiti as an extension of Houses Of The Holy.

As we all know the song HOTH appears on PG, so in effect it could be considered a companion album.

I'm almost certain Walters Walk from Coda was recorded during the Stargroves HOTH sessions too.

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