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Hot pics of Jimmy


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Daaaammn!!! :veryhot: This one is like crazy hot!

I agree and plus, it's totally rock and roll. If I was older back then that would have been a poster on my bedroom wall :) Although I'm sure my parents would've thought it was too sexy! Is that a Neal Preston? I think he took the best pics of the band. I wish that would've been a choice in the Fine Art signed prints.

*disclaimer - this opinion is not based on the thoughts/musings of any members, alive or deceased, of Led Zeppelin; their spouses, offspring, entourage or neighbours*

LOL :)

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Just a bit of a laugh - I'm not a Cliff fan, but that was the name of one of his biggest hits. His sexuality has long been the subject of gossip but it doesn't interest me at all :)

Ahhhh. Gotcha. Isn't known as a goody two shoes, someone who doesn't use swear words and an overall gentleman? He seems like the English Pat Boone.

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In honor of Ravi's passing. I love his adorable story about Ravi showing him sitar tunings.


...Thanks AEN for this lovely Honor; This is one of my most memorable photos of Jimmy ever, thanks Alice75 for finding and posting this amazing photo..

...it's still back of my mind, to see when and where Jimmy Page Met P. Ravi Shankar, circa art school days '63 before G. Harrison/Shankar meeting Summer 1967... a mystery question posed by Steve A. Jones here to the fans..

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