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What are you watching on TV now?


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I dusted off the DVD, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken with Don Knotts from 1966 and my son, his girlfriend and I ate popcorn and watched it. It's nice to watch those old movies sometimes.

I'm right at the intermission of 'Lawrence Of Arabia' (1962) Fantastic photography.

I'm also watching John Williams (guitar) Concert At The Alcazar in Spain and 'Guittara' with Juliam Bream in Spain going through the history of the classical guitar. The only down side is the bullfight. :unsure:

Otherwise the Spanish scenery (and women) are gorgeous. B)

I love the Flamenco dancers. :)

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An 8 DVD collection of the "Our Gang / Little Rascals" shorts. Im through the first 2 DVD's. I'm sorry, "Animal House", "Borat", "Anchorman", & every classic Mel Brooks movie combined is not as funny as what were on those 2 DVD's I just watched. Hal Roach & those kids were genuises.

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