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Relationship Status Update


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So happily married that it makes everyone we know sick! Here comes the sappy part...

My wife and daughter are the light of my life!

Been around the block and had my fun as well as heart breaks. Started a family pretty late compared to most and it's been the blessing of my life.

If it all ended tomorrow, I wouldn't change a moment of it.

(btw, Manders is right)

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Single have been for two years (with a few indiscretions in between), string of broken relationships with unsuitable girls (read too young).

After the last one I moved up to the Highlands and married the mountains, lochs and forests.

Thinking I should get back into the dating game...........but man its such an effort.

So, if you start dating again, would that be 'branching out'? :huh:


Spats, Manders is right about the prime years... but I realize you think differently about age. So I guess you should just... enjoy yourself.

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married with the two most beautiful children on the planet, ages 5 and 19 months. and everyday we listen to Zep, and classic rock all day. we request songs on the radio and dance in the kitchen. i'm 37, but i sometimes act like i'm 16.

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