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More images and text from today

Led Beatles! This is a really clever mix by Soundhog.

And also on this day there was synchronicity in Cincinnati with Led Zeppelin playing in 1977 and The Firm in 1985 at the Riverfront Coliseum, USA.

Soundcloud link: http://soundcloud.com/soundhog/soundhog-whole-lotta-helter (Soundhog - Whole Lotta Helter Skelter [beatles vs Led Zeppelin])




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I must say it's astonishing to see www.jimmypage.com attracts three times as many unique visitors as www.ledzeppelin.com and that the majority of them are from Japan:



lol, those stats are wrong. Even the top list of countries is incorrect. These sites like Alexa etc are not accurate.

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Ha! Anyone check out today's entry? "Today I played the final Earls Court Show with Led Zeppelin in '75 for a run of NINE! "

Is he screwing with us on purpose or what?

There are problems with small, insignificant minutiae such as "dates" and "accuracy" in the OTDs. I don't understand why Jimmy doesn't have someone fix them.
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Not a new one as I remember this Duane Eddy feature from the beginning! Another repeat. With so much to chose from with his many years in the music biz, why does this site continue to repeat past posts?

I loved the anticipation of the first year when the site offered new pages every day. But I'm still enjoying it, familiar or not.

The answer is surely that he will only delegate so far. He could easily farm out the whole thing to someone else, but chooses not to. If that means his attention is elsewhere - on the box sets or other projects - that HAS to be good news.

He's not some blogger and the hits on his website prove he doesn't need to be ! I will live with the repeats while I save up for the box sets ...

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I always fool myself on this date in thinking Jimmy will talk about the July 20, 1977 concert in Tempe, for an on this date entry. :sarcastic_hand:

I know he probably never will since he probably doesn't remember much about that day to begin with :hysterical:, but checked again tonight anyway, knowing that the 20th would already be posted. The 20th on this date has been posted, and once again, no on this date discussion of July 20, 1977 when Jimmy played with Zep in Tempe, Arizona!

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