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Musical artists of whom you bought every album


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I have all of Jimi's. But he didn't make that many. But i don't really have the complete collection of any artist because most of my faves put out bad records at one time or had a period where they weren't making great music in general.

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I'm just counting studio releases here and not including artists who've only released one or two records:


Paul Westerberg


Drive-By Truckers

Grateful Dead

(this is not including the Dick's Picks series or the countless amount of live albums they've released over the years)


Pearl Jam

(this doesn't include their series of live releases)


Caitlin Cary

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals

Chris Knight

Robert Plant

Led Zeppelin

The Old 97s

The Beatles

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Led Zeppelin

Pink Floyd

Steely Dan


Dave Matthews Band

The Who

The Beatles


A Perfect Circle.




Alice In Chains

There are some albums not found normaly that i filled in with help of my friend B.Torrent. But i have bought every Zeppelin album in CD, Tape, and Vinyl.

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on vinyl, every studio album, bought when I was a teenager in the 80's:

Led Zep

The Doors


Def Leppard

Motley Crue

Currently working on building my CD collection of AC/DC, although, there are few albums I am going to skip.

I have most of LZ on disc, just missing the double remasters box and Mothership. Not planning on getting Mothership, but you just never know.

I have a bunch of Beatles CD's.

Funny thing, I only have one greatest hits CD of the Doors. I guess I got sick of them. lol

Have all but 'Some Kind of Monster' by Metallica. I don't think I want it either.

Pretty good size collection of Floyd. Have a couple more in mind.

I just don't buy every single album by anyone anymore. Some artists just aren't worth spending all that money on. Most albums only have a couple good songs on them anyway.

If they are a good band, I do get whole albums, otherwise, I just download the good songs.

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