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Can you list your top 10 LZ songs, in no particular order?


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The peril of doing this is that you hit the 'save' button and then realize you've forgotten something.

But here goes...

Before you read my list, I am sure you will wonder where certain tracks are.  But I would say this represents my favs of LZ.  After making the list I compared it to Rolling Stone Magazine's top 40 LZ songs, and the top 10 of that list does not look much like mine.  To each their own.

Again, no order whatsoever - numbers are just so I don't go past 10.

1) Kashmir

2) Ten Years Gone

3) Stairway To Heaven

4) Over The Hills And Far Away

5) Whole Lotta Love

6) Black Dog

7) No Quarter

😎 The Rain Song

9) Thank You

10) In The Light

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I love lists :whistling:


1. Since I’ve Been Loving You

2. How Many More Times

3. Stairway To Heaven

4. Baby, I’m Gonna Leave You

5. Whole Lotta Love

6. Dazed & Confused

7. Kashmir

8. Achilles Last Stand

9. No Quarter

10. Heartbreaker

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my current list of studio releases.....


The Rover

How Many More Times

In My Time of Dying

Ten Years Gone

Black Country Woman

For Your Life

Custard Pie

Night Flight

The Lemon Song




Over The Hills and Far Away

No Quarter

Sick Again

Immigrant Song

Achilles Last Stand

Dazed and Confused

I can't Quit you Baby

Trampled Underfoot

In My Time of Dying

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Trampled Underfoot

Wanton Song

The Rain Song

When The Levee Breaks

Since I’ve Been Loving You

Achilles Last Stand

For Your Life / Celebration Day (tie)

The Ocean

Thank You


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It's really hard to narrow down to just 10.


Your Time Is Gonna Come


Rock And Roll

The Rain Song

Over The Hills And Far Away

Ten Years Gone

Down By The Seaside

Tea For One

South Bound Saurez

Fool In The Rain


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On 5/8/2018 at 3:47 AM, rm2551 said:

rounding down to 10 is cruel.


It would be easier to list my least liked songs. there is only one song I don't care for too much and no songs I dislike. I count everything that was a complete song. Would have loved to hear St. Tristan's Sword in it's final form though. (as a notable mention)

In the Light. Like it, don't love it, but when I'm in a certain mood, I do love it.

Tea for One. Same deal.

All of My Love. Same Deal

Ozone Baby. It's wierd to swing so far, but sometimes I love it and sometimes, meh. Wouldn't say I dislike it, but wouldn't say I like it either.

Moby Dick. Not a fan of Drum Solo songs. Love the guitar riffs and parts of the drumming. Very rarely listen to it all the way through and only a handful of times after BBC came out. The Girl I Love has a similar structured riff and so I just go with that. Only when I want to hear the licks will I put MD on.

Sugar Mama, meh...

Seriously, there are a lot of songs and any one of the rest can be in my top ten at a given time.

Wearing and Tearing, Hot Dog...the lot of 'em. And I could list songs that are usually in my top ten:

Over the hills...

What is...

Since I've Been...

For Your Life...

Poor Tom...


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