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What is your name?

Inga May

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Ben :D

ohh... one of my favorites :wub:

I adore american names, they differs from Russian so much.

(although my name has scandinavian roots(not Russian) :P)

Paul, George, Dean :wub:, Richard, Matt, Elizabeth.. etc etc.. I LOVE THEM ALL!! :D

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No. :P

I'm just saying the names of the guys from Pink Floyd.

David Gilmour

Roger Waters

Nick Mason

Rick Wright

The last is my real name though, as you know. :P

My mom wanted to name me Josh but my dad wanted me to named after himself, so yah.

^ :lol:

ohh.. what a day! I understand everything incorrectly today!

at first Kim Gordon, when I thought that it was a man and asked "why is he clothed in dress?", now this :blush:

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