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sometimes you just wanna slit your wrists...


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having a bad, bad night...

anybody else ever feel this depressed? :(

Oh Honey!! Are you just having a bad night or are you often depressed? In this day and age there is no reason to suffer through unbearable depression. It is a very treatable condition and maybe you should discuss it with your Dr.

If, on the other hand, you are just having a bad night - go read the Spats thread...it's make you realize there's always someone worse off than you :)

I hope you feel better dear, maybe put on some Zep and air guitar!! or air drum or sing, whatever makes you happy!

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doctors don't work, especially when you don't have insurance...and, yes, i get like this often...i don't often speak of it, but i figured i might get some words of encouragment in posting about my delima...

thank you for your concern...:)

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its time for a mindless and light hearted movie....like Music & Lyrics (I just watched it). sometimes you just need to lose yourself in something other than your own head for a little while. hang in there girl, everyone feels drepressed now and then...try not to settle into it...it will pass.

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Well, don't slit your wrists, because that just wouldn't do anybody any good. Not even yourself! I mean, what if you miss and it just stings a whole lot? That wouldn't be too good, now would it?

But, in all seriousness, hope all is okay and what not, you should find someone to talk to, (friend, family member, random bum on the street) if you can't afford a visit to a doctor.

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I used to wish death upon myself when I was coming of age before the 00s because of the bad depression brought on by my medication, but I overcame it once I stopped taking it and I have been seriously depressed earlier this year...enough to break down and cry, but things are ok now. I do think that if you wish to kill yourself, trust me, it's not worth it. Sure things look shitty now, but they WILL get better. Just have to put your two cents into the machine and wait is all.

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Suicide solves nothing.

I was shocked to find out how prevalent suicide is nowadays regardless of gender or age.

Just recently in India a young girl killed herself because she feared the world was going to end as a result of the CERN experiment.

My first thought was if the world and all the inhabitants were going to die, what was the point in killing herself?

After a while realised that she must have been very depressed and that was the trigger that set her off.

My partner has endured the effects of suicide twice in the last 12 months or so.

First her brother in July 2007 for reasons unknown and totally out of the blue, then her best friend about 2 months later from depression.

It is a very selfish act that causes great grief and in some cases guilt with the ones left behind.

Like, "why didn't I see the signs" or "why didn't I apologise for the argument we had", etc, etc, etc.

Sometimes, Psychology and Psychiatry aren't always the answer.

If you are suffering from depression there is always someone to talk to, if you are still in school there are counsellors.

Some workplaces offer the same thing.

Don't they have telephone help services where you are?

Try talking to a member of a church of any faith or denomination it's free.

You have taken the first step by reaching out here so now talk to someone face to face in a non judgemental environment, it will help.

Hang in there and know that you are not alone.

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having a bad, bad night...

anybody else ever feel this depressed? :(

All the time...

But as Woody Allen once said:

I feel that life is divided into the horrible and the miserable. That's the two categories. The horrible are like terminal cases, you know, and blind people, crippled. I don't know how they get through life. It's amazing to me. And the miserable is everyone else. So you should be thankful that you're miserable, because that's very lucky, to be miserable.

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All the time...

But as Woody Allen once said:

I feel that life is divided into the horrible and the miserable. That's the two categories. The horrible are like terminal cases, you know, and blind people, crippled. I don't know how they get through life. It's amazing to me. And the miserable is everyone else. So you should be thankful that you're miserable, because that's very lucky, to be miserable.

My Little Ponies' Woody Allen quote has a point. The point is everyone's life is hard, and when you think you are at rock bottom; there will always be someone worse off.

If you need help, seek it out. Slitting your wrists is no solution. It's painful, takes a while to be effective, and creates a fricken mess. Hang in there.

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Don't slit your wrists, you nut. You'll be alright. Alot of the time depression can be a quick phase, and yes, it can be long-term, but it always goes away. Especially with the help of your friends - no need to harm yourself.

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I'm going to start reading that soon :P After I slug through my 1200 page copy of The Count of Monte Cristo :D

At the OP, you should take up an instrument if you don't already! It always makes me feel better I know.

That is a great statement, through the bad times I have gone through in life, playing my guitar has got me through, I also believe that by concentrating on playing/practicing has helped keep my seizures down, don't ask me how or why but keeping at peace with yourself helps and playing an instrument really does help :)

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I have very quick and frightening feelings of suicide from time to time.

Then I kick myself in the head and realize that it solves NOTHING. Like someone else said, it would probably just create more shit in my life. I understand the feeling of wanting to hurt yourself so that you feel something besides mental anguish, but it's a fruitless endeavor.

Find a hobby, distract yourself, talk to someone, go to a movie, listen to some tunes.... life can be shitty, but it can also be very beautiful. you just need to catch yourself when you feel yourself falling into a black hole, pull yourself out, and focus on making small changes that might lessen the depression down the road

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yes audra, talking to people and watching something funny on tv can help. always reach out your not the only one. not all counsolers are the best you might have to try a few of them. there should be programs out there to help you, if you don't have the money. my sister use to cut her wrist to feel the pain, she had alot of anger. counsoling, anti-depressants and family has helped her.it ALWAYS GETS BETTER!! so hang in there. :wave::console:

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having a bad, bad night...

anybody else ever feel this depressed? :(

Yes, constantly.

Don't think I'd ever slit my wrists though. Even if I wanted to kill myself, there are more effective methods.

Edit: I'm not implying you should kill yourself. I hope you don't. I was just speaking for myself.

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The son of a friend of mine suffers from depression. He used to come over all the time and help me train my dog - upland bird dog training. He told me it always made him happy to be around and interact with them....so after talking to his parents raegarding the possibilities of Jake getting his own dog, I contacted my breeder to advise what was going on with Jake, the breeder agreed to help. A few months later (after one of his best bitches had pups), I asked him if he wanted to go look at pups and he got the pick of the litter. He trained and played with that dog for hours and still does...they have won lots of titles together too.

He still tells me that his dog saved his life, cos the dog wouldn't be happy if he was gone.

You have to find your happy place and it may take time. I hope you are going to okay until then.

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I'm not depressive or anything, but sometimes I've got this strange feeling of having no sense in life, especially in the nights, but then it helps me just to cuddle my little "JanoshTiger" my stuffed animal that is my companion since my birth. I know, that it childish for a nearly 16 years old, but it really helps me to return to my childhood ease, and when I wake up in the morning, everything is okay again.

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You have to find your happy place and it may take time. I hope you are going to okay until then.

That was a sweet story Ronnie. Funny you mentioned happy place...

Here is an article I just uploaded to my Facebook...

btw, kick ass biofeedback at http://wilddivine.com

Relearning peace after war

ECU lab uses biofeedback to help Marines manage stress disorder

GREENVILLE - A year and a half after he left Iraq, Sgt. Terrell McClain is

still fighting the sniper who shot him in the arm and the mortar shells and

rockets that rattled his brain. His weapon: biofeedback.

About once a week, McClain, 24, and a handful of other Marines travel from

Camp Lejeune's Wounded Warrior Barracks to a lab at East Carolina

University, where they are strapped with sensors that measure stress via

perspiration, body temperature and heart and brain rhythms. They are

taught methods of controlling anxiety, such as breathing techniques or

thinking of pleasant topics. Computer screens let them see the effects

in simple terms such as a computer-generated roller coaster that starts

moving when they reduce anxiety and stops when it rises again.

The idea is to train the wounded Marines to control outbursts of anger and

anxiety and other symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic

brain injury.

"There's nothing abnormal about these guys," said Carmen Russoniello,

director of ECU's psyschophysiology and biofeedback lab. "They are having

normal responses to the situations they were in, and we're just training

them to have better responses."

McClain said he was skeptical when he started the program in March but is

now a believer, because it has helped him control his hair-trigger temper, a

typical PTSD symptom.

"I still express my emotions, but I don't act wild," he said. "It's helping a

lot, and I mean a whole lot."

Biofeedback is only one part of Russoniello's program, which is designed

to reduce anxiety and stress through relaxation, recreation and

social interaction.

Meet the civilians

Therapists also are using activities such as kayaking, Frisbee golf and wheelchair

basketball, and more traditional forms of therapy, such as group counseling.

Even getting off the base and interacting with college students is part of the

therapy, since many of the wounded Marines will soon be moving back into

the civilian world, Russoniello said.

"We do serious training, but life isn't just serious," Russoniello said. "It's also

about having fun, and it's about things like checking out who you are in

relationship to others. Whatever we do, it has to make sense as far as

real life."

Russoniello served with the Marines in Vietnam and said for years afterward

he struggled to cope with the things he had seen and done. He wanted the

nation's latest generation of combat veterans to have it better.

Many will need help: This spring, the Pentagon released data showing that

more than 40,000 troops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan had been

diagnosed with PTSD, and military leaders say that more have gone

undiagnosed. Thousands more have traumatic brain injuries, typically

from the blast of the improvised bombs used so often by insurgents in Iraq.

Russoniello's lab is working with the Marines assigned to Camp Lejeune's

Wounded Warrior Barracks while they recover. Many in the barracks have

PTSD, brain injuries or both. They also often have physical problems, and

the recreational therapy in the ECU program helps them improve things

such as balance and coordination.

The program started in February. It's operating on a shoestring, Russoniello

said, but last month it opened an office next to the barracks. That will make

it easier for Marines to get therapy more than once a week.

The program is weeks from adding a new therapy even closer to the cutting

edge than biofeedback: Marines will be immersed in a highly detailed "Virtual

Iraq" where they will assume a digital form and encounter the very things

that caused their problems -- bombs, ambushes, snipers.

The idea, which has been under limited use in several places around the

country in the past couple of years, is to desensitize those who have

experienced trauma and give them more control over their memories of

combat. Therapists will control the number and type of "surprises," stopping

the sessions periodically when the Marines' stress levels spike, to work with

them on controlling their responses.

Boosting the chaos

The wounded Marines will use the techniques learned from the simpler

biofeedback equipment to control their stress levels. From session to session,

therapists will gradually boost the level of chaos, allowing the Marines to come

to terms with tougher and tougher experiences.

The "Virtual Iraq" program is being donated by a treatment center on the

West Coast that is working with Marines there. The program has been in

use elsewhere for a few years.

Therapies based in virtual worlds have several advantages, Russoniello said,

including the ability of Marines who deploy again or who leave the service

and move to a distant state to continue working with the same therapist.

McClain, the sergeant who was shot by a sniper, said more wounded troops

should try the innovative therapy and the techniques like "going to a happy

place" in your mind.

"To be able to calm down, that's a big thing," he said.

Of course, those who aren't familiar with the Marine Corps' band-of-brothers

camaraderie might be startled at the happy place McClain goes to in his mind:

Iraq, 2006. With his Marine buddies.

By Jay Price, The News & Observer

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thank-you all for all the comments and input...i feel much better now, but today was what i call a "happy day"...so much crap is happening in my life now, my dad is dying, i can't lose weight, i know i'm losing my mind, work is shitty, i found a lump in my breast (turned out to be just a cyst, thank goodnes)...so much crap, so little strength in my soul, you know?

thanks to ronniedawg for that bit on happy place...you were right, my friend...i've found out that when i write, i'm totally blissful...

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