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Today's Sun: Led Yep, Robert's in for the reunion....


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Perhaps that's what Jimmy was hoping would happen. But does that mean that Robert came off stage last night after his show with Alison (where it seemed like he was having a great time) called Jimmy up and said "I'll do the tour because I know you're serious about replacing me". It just doesn't seem right at all. Although it's a bit deja vu after the Coverdale/Page thing, but I can't see it.

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I'd be heartbroken if they're spinning a yarn for us. But at the very least, it looks like the boys may do something. And at the very most, ol' Percy'll be back in town.

Honestly, I'm a good girl, but I swear I'll deck anyone who thinks this is a funny joke.

My only worry is this story is published on the anniversary of John's passing...

It better bloody mean something!

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It's coming. I can feel it in my bones. with Robert. it has to be. Robert said only if it's something special. The fact that they are still able to do it forty years after they started is something special. how many bands get that opportunity?

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If all of this is true, how extensive would you expect a tour to be? How long, how many countries, ect. would you expect.

I'm giddy as hell if this is true. It would be my first real opportunity to see the band I have been idolizing for years play, and with Jason and Plant, it would really seem right.

Lets all pray this is true.

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If the Sun's fucking with us, I'm gonna do them in.

I hope this isn't a joke. The last time I heard something like this was in Toronto, around 1990 and the radio station there, Q107 did a concert promo for a Zep gig.

You know how the thing goes,..some guy with a deep voice with reverb on it, saying the reunion of the century, one night only at the CNE bandstand, live, the best best in the world,...with sound bites of Zep tunes in the background.

I heard the guy in charge of that joke got fired after about 100,000 people called crashing their phone system. Asshole. Can still remember it thinking,..no fucking way.

If they do tour though,, me and a few buds are going to make the 8-10 hour drive to MSG. Saw the ARMS benefit show there and besides,...where else to see Led Zep than in New York.(also gives me a chance to slip around the corner to the Blarney Stone on 8th and have a burger)

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ive said all along that i would love to have robert involved, but i was finally resigned to the fact that it wasnt to be. and now this!!! i still think myles kennedy would do a great job, and i was thinking that without robert, it would indeed be a whole new sound. i guess even with robert it will be different if there is new material anyway. so im kinda happy either way. but i gotta admit that having never seen zep live, i would love to see the 02 lineup, even if there were no new songs played at all. heck, i still listen to zep songs every day, so id be over the moon if they onlly did zep stuff.

one point though........there isnt anything posted in the news section under " official announcements" yet..... :unsure:

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I revieved news from the telegraph

ROCK legends LED ZEPPELIN are set for a reunion tour after singer ROBERT PLANT finally caved in and agreed to join them.

Guitarist JIMMY PAGE, 64, bassist JOHN PAUL JONES, 62, and drummer JASON BONHAM, 42, had resigned themselves to touring without Plant.

They even rehearsed with stand-in singers - and one American was so impressive they were confident they could hit the road next year without Plant.

That was what finally persuaded him to return.

A source revealed: “The rest of the band had all but given up on Robert joining them, but they were determined to go ahead so had started to seriously explore other avenues.

“When Robert realised the band were serious about doing it without him, it made him think long and hard.

“He realised he couldn’t face the thought of not being involved.

“The band were over the moon when he told them the news.

“They are now forging ahead with the tour plans and they can’t wait to get on the road.”

The tour, set for next summer, follows the massive success of their one-off reunion show at London’s O2 Arena in December.

Led Zep, who have sold more than 300million albums worldwide, formed in 1968 and split up in 1980 when drummer John Bonham - father of Jason —-died aged 32.

Rolling Stone magazine dubbed them the biggest band of the ’70s.

Could it be true??? Lets all say a amen and a hail Mary just for good measure!!

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Iam with ya, if this is bullshit iam going to bomb the fucking place. That said i hope this happens.



I think it's guaranteed if the Sun story is a farce than we'll have the entire Zeppelin community in London firebombing their offices. I think a return to public lynchings would be an order in this case. We'll take them to the Gallows Pole!

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