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LED ZEPPELIN - CELEBRATION DAY (official announcement)

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This is even better than I expected, I figured there'd be a couple of red carpet theatrical showings like the DVD in 2003 and that would be it!

Great isn't it? But the 2003 had theatrical showings all over the UK as well as the premieres - was that not the case in the US?
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I searched this web link with my Zip Code:


The only theaters I found the movie to be showing in the Dallas area, are Studio Movie Grills.

zepscoda, could you please provide a link that shows any listings for the movie at the Magnolia in the Dallas area ? ? ?

BTY, I hate the ambiance of the Studio Movie Grill. The clanking of glasses and silverware, and the servers inadvertently "flashing" their lighted order screens in your eyes ---- is not conducive to a good movie experience, for me.

I saw the link for the Inwood theaters, under the US selection in the Cinema Listings on the main page here and assumed it would be at the Magnolia, but I couldnt find any info on their site just now. Then I found the Studio Movie Grill .

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read what Chad just posted me a page back...It's showing in Baton Rouge..that's roughly an hour drive for me. I'll be there with my wife, etc. You wanna go?

I just bought tickets!!!!

Wooooo hooooo!!!!

Thanks Chad and RH!!!!

I am so excited to experience this on the big screen, this is going to be cooler than a polar bear's toenails!!

And remember, the next night, on the 18th, Patty Griffin begins her tour at Tips in NOLA!

I guess it would be too much to ask for RP to drop in to the BR showing!

But ... Sigh... a girl can dream!! :)

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The Heavy Metal godz are smiling on me! All I was expecting was the DVD to finally be released!

I work overseas and get two months off for vacation each year. My vacation just happened to be scheduled for 6 Oct - 3 Nov. There is a theater playing "Celebration Day" 50 miles from my home. I just bought a ticket for the 6:30 PM showing.

Life is not good...it is GRRRRREEEAT!

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Great isn't it? But the 2003 had theatrical showings all over the UK as well as the premieres - was that not the case in the US?

Yes, Knebby, there were screenings for the 2003 DVD in the US. Mstork must have missed them.

Kind of bizarre that the only listing I can find for the Los Angeles area is the Rave Baldwin Hills Crenahaw Plaza. Yes, it's not too far from the Forum of Inglewood, the spiritual Los Angeles home of Led Zeppelin. But demographically, it's not an optimum locale to maximize box office. Though, with only two screenings, I'm sure it will still sell out.

Still, the last time I went to see a movie at the Crenshaw Plaza, I was disappointed in the poor projection and the shoddy sound. Very surprised the Arclight or the Landmark Theatres at the Westside Pavilion didn't get this.

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